The cranial base, or areas at the lower inside of the skull that contact the brain, is one of the most structurally complex and challenging areas to study or operate on in the human body. In addition to the spinal column, a group of 12 paired cranial nerves pass through the cranial base and control important functions of the body such as swallowing, speech, hearing, facial sensation and more.

Dr. Giannotta is one of the early adopters in and pioneers of neuro-otolaryngology. This specialty area of neurosurgery concerns the brain’s nerve connections to the ear, and together with his colleagues, Dr. Giannotta formed the Acoustic Neuroma Center to treat diseases presenting in this area. In the last year, the group has produced a high incidence of hearing preservation through their groundbreaking surgeries.

Surgeries offered at Acoustic Neuroma Center :IMG-20110611-00014

Acoustic neuroma treatment

Meningioma treatment

Pineal tumor treatment

Treatment for head and neck tumors

Hemifacial spasm surgery



                                                   Dr. Giannotta teaching endoscopic skull base surgery at the lab


When you need a neurosurgeon with almost three decades of experience in cranial base surgery, call Steven L. Giannotta, MD, at 323.442.5720. Or use our convenient online Request an Appointment form to reserve your visit. Our cranial base surgery patients come to us from Los Angeles, Pasadena, Alhambra, Beverly Hills, Downtown and neighboring areas.

Patient Reviews

Dr. Giannotta is amazing and I feel very lucky and grateful to have had such a world class neurosurgeon work on me. I'm doing much better than expected after such a delicate and invasive operation.
- V.Lorenz

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