trinidadAs a board-certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Steven L. Giannotta treats a number of cerebral diseases and conditions, including trigeminal neuralgia, acoustic neuroma, meningioma and cerebral vascular disorders such as aneurysm, stroke, carotid stenosis, cavernous malformation and arteriovenous malformation brain. Over the course of his long career in neurosurgery, Dr. Giannotta has also developed a comprehensive set of surgical techniques to treat cerebrovascular disease of the brain and spinal cord.

Dr. Giannotta focuses his scientific research on areas related to cerebral blood flow and cerebral protection from ischemia. His discoveries in these areas have enabled Dr. Giannotta to develop  surgical means to manipulate the cardiovascular system to control the ischemic effects of cerebral vasospasm.

As a member of the teaching faculty at Keck School of Medicine of USC, Dr. Giannotta concentrates on cerebrovascular disease, cranial base tumors, hemifacial spasm and trigeminal  neuralgia. He has been recognized nationally and internationally as one of the “Best Doctors in America” and serves as a role model for his neurosurgical trainees.

To consult with a board-certified neurological surgeon, call Steven L. Giannotta at 323.442.5720. For your convenience, use our online Request an Appointment form to reserve your consultation. We serve the communities of Alhambra, Beverly Hills, Downtown, Los Angeles, Pasadena and surrounding areas.

Patient Reviews

Dr. Giannotta is amazing and I feel very lucky and grateful to have had such a world class neurosurgeon work on me. I'm doing much better than expected after such a delicate and invasive operation.
- V.Lorenz

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